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    Are you worried about how to move the grave for your ancestors? The process is too complicated and troublesome? Do not know Feng Shui? Have to find a master?

    This is why you need us!

    我们有专业的道士法师诵经念佛, 寻找最好的风水位位有专业的拾金专家保证拾起圆满 还少不了精致的拜品来祭拜祖先. 我们也能提供最合适的石碑来保佑子孙世世代代,平平安安,吉祥如意 

    We have professional Taoist Master for chanting, looking for the best feng shui position, professional grave digger to ensure that the collection is complete and also all in one praying package pray to your ancestors. We can also provide the most suitable tombstone to bless the future generation good luck, safe and all the best.


    Our Other Services are as follows:

    Now: $1,580

    U.P: $2800


    Our Services Include:

    •  Set 1 精致拜品 (附纸伞) x1   Set 1 Praying Package (With Paper Umbrella) x1
    •  Set 2 精致拜品 (附假花) x1   Set 2 Praying Package (With Plastic Flowers) x1
    •  师傅念经 x2次   Master Chanting x2 Times
    •  动土   Exhumation
    •  填土   Soil Filling
    •  拾金   Bone Picking 
    •  洗金   Bone Cleaning
    •  火化   Cremation 
    •  按风水位   Feng Shui  
    •  选良辰吉日   Choosing An Auspicious Day 
    •  看时辰八字   Choosing An Auspicious Hour 
    •  上交登记表   Filing registration form





    •  单位 $500 (非选择)   Unit $500 (Non-Selective)
    •  双位 $900 (非选择)   Double Units $900 (Non-Selective)
    •  选择位置 $250   Selected Places $250
    *受CCK坟场第七期挖掘坟墓项目影响的坟墓无需买位, 如希望选择与分配的位置不 同,须额外支付$250的选择费.

    *There is no need to buy a grave affected by the excavation of the graves in the seventh period of the CCK Cemetery. If you wish to choose a different location than the assigned one, you will have to pay an additional fee of $250.



       Required Documents:

      • 申请者资料   Applicant Information
      • 复印双面IC(申请者)   Copy IC Double Side (Applicant)
      • 往生者资料   Dead Information



      Additional Cost:

      • 石碑(White),骨灰瓮 $580   Tombstone (white) , Urn $580
      • 石碑(Black,Red),骨灰瓮 $680   Tombstone (Black Red), Urn $680
      • 骨灰瓮 $120    Urn $120
      • 交通 (选择)   Transport (option)   


      有效优惠期至 2020年12月31日 !

      Valid Offer Period until 31st December, 2020!

      欢迎咨询 6368 8835

      Contact us 6368 8835 for more information.